Pool Redesign and Repair Services in El Paso, TX

Unleash the potential of your pool with Premier Pools and Spas 915 – your trusted partner for pool repair, redesign, and renovation in El Paso, TX. As the go-to experts in creating stunning aquatic spaces, we specialize in breathing new life into outdated pools, ensuring they become vibrant backyard oases that stand the test of time.

El Paso, TX Pool Repair Solutions

Is your pool showing signs of wear and tear? Our pool redesign services are here to transform your old pool into a stunning oasis that you can enjoy for years to come. Our pool repair services in El Paso, TX, are designed to address common signs that your swimming pool may need repairs, renovation, or remodeling.

Signs That Your Swimming Pool May Need Repairs

Cracked Walls: Cracks on the walls can be a sign of underlying structural issues that compromise the integrity of your pool.

Outdated Design: If your pool’s design is no longer stylish or doesn’t match your preferences, it’s time for a renovation to update its look and features.

Constant Repairs: Frequent repairs for cracks, debris, broken lights, or freezing water indicate the need for a comprehensive upgrade.

Resurfacing Needed: Peeling plaster, stains, or surface damage signal the necessity for resurfacing to maintain your pool’s beauty and structural health.

Poor Energy Efficiency: Older pools with outdated heating systems can lead to higher utility bills. Renovating for energy efficiency saves money and promotes sustainability.

Lack of Safety Features: An old pool lacking safety features like compliant drains poses risks, especially for families with children. Upgrading ensures safety.

At Premier Pools and Spas 915, we understand the importance of a functional and beautiful pool. Our pool building and design team specialize in pool repairs, renovations, and remodeling. From fixing structural issues to enhancing energy efficiency and safety features, we are dedicated to transforming your outdated pool into a modern masterpiece.

Experts in Pool Resurfacing for Lasting Beauty

Elevate your pool area with our deck restoration services, creating a perfect harmony between your pool and its surroundings. Premier Pools and Spas 915 excels in pool resurfacing, giving your pool a fresh surface that not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also ensures longevity. Our pool resurfacing solutions go beyond mere repairs – we revitalize your pool, making it an inviting focal point of your outdoor space.

Newly remodeled spa in El Paso, TX

Hot Tub and Outdoor Spa (Spools) Restoration

Is your hot tub showing signs of wear and tear, or do you envision a complete transformation to align with your evolving style? Our Hot Tub Restoration services are crafted to breathe new life into your cherished relaxation spot. From addressing mechanical issues to enhancing aesthetics, our skilled team ensures that your hot tub becomes a sanctuary of luxury and comfort.

Xcel Deck Restoration– Cooling Innovation for Your Decking

Beat the summer heat with Xcel, an innovative material placed on top of your pool decking. Designed to cool down your feet, Xcel addresses the common issue of hot pool decking, allowing you to comfortably enjoy your pool area. Choose from a variety of colors, and let Xcel redefine your poolside experience. Over the years, if your Xcel needs a refresh, our team is ready to provide a new coat, ensuring your decking remains cool and inviting.

after picture of small remodeled red xcel decked pool

Comprehensive El Paso, TX Pool Repair Services

Whether it’s a simple pool equipment repair or a complete replacement, Premier Pools and Spas 915 has the skills and resources to get it done right. Our commitment to excellence extends to our tile repair services, where we seamlessly replace damaged tiles, matching color and texture for a cohesive look.

Transform your pool into a sanctuary of relaxation and beauty with Premier Pools and Spas 915. Give us a call or fill out our form to get started Your dream pool is just a call away!

Pool Deck Repairs

Cracks and wear on your pool deck can be unsightly and pose safety hazards. Our team specializes in pool deck repairs, restoring your pool area’s beauty and safety. We use high-quality materials to ensure durability and a seamless look that blends perfectly with your existing design.

Pool Pump Replacement

The pool pump is the heart of your pool’s circulation system. If it’s not working correctly, it can lead to water quality issues and increased energy costs. Our pool pump replacement service ensures that your pool has the right pump to maintain optimal water flow and filtration, keeping your pool clean and energy-efficient.

Pool Leak Detection and Repair

A pool leak can be a costly and frustrating problem. Our team uses advanced leak detection techniques to locate and repair leaks quickly. We ensure minimal disruption to your pool and yard while effectively solving the issue, preventing water loss and further damage.


Ready to Reimagine Your Pool?

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